Welcome to TJS MobileWorld!

Free mobile applications!! This is the company that allows you to use the type of free mobile applications that are most commonly required by the End Users.

Who We Are


TJS MobileWorld is a software company composed by a great mix of designers and developers who just love mobile projects in which we can develop our ideas to cover your needs. Despite our various backgrounds there are a few common features in all of us: creative, hard-working and passionate about delivering to name a few.

TJS MobileWorld was formed by senior Architects with recognised expertise in the Telecom sector. Back in 2008 we saw an opportunity for a company which could lead the world in Mobile Applications development using the latest Android, IOS and BB technology. We work with major brands and small start-ups to make applications that are the best in compared to others. We strive to make mobile applications that people love to use and which work the way they expect. Whether it is a small proof-of-concept or a year-long application development you can be assured that we will deliver a great experience for you.

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